Unconventional methods of making money out of your photographic skills

If you’re someone who discovered the love and passion of photography at a very young age; then no doubt you have been told a few hundred times that you’d make a great photographer. Every time a family wedding comes up, and the photographer is discussed, those around you probably turn towards you, as though expecting to take over the duty. But wedding or event photography isn’t for everyone; especially not for someone looking to make money out of photographs just as a part time job. If you’re looking for non-traditional, unconventional careers or part-time jobs regarding photography; then here are our top 4 options for you…


A picture tourist

We’ve all heard of tourists. We’ve all heard of photographers who follow tourists around, offering to take their picture. It might have worked for them a couple of decades ago; but now, in the time of smart phones and instant photo printers, they are clearly out of a job. But did you know that you can still make money out of the tourists who visit your locality? If your artistic eye is good at knowing where tourists can capture the perfect shot, then you can take them to those locations for a fee. You’d be surprised at how much you could make…!

Social media photographer 

It’s perfectly alright that you are not interested in taking wedding pictures. They require a lot of time, and you are often dealing with temperamental people. They also require a lot of prior experience to get paid well. If you don’t mind the formal situations, and if you like meeting new people, then a career as a social media photographer is perfect for you. All you need to do is attend your client’s events, and take pictures of it as an “insider”. These pictures will then be updated to their social media accounts.

Stock photographer

Take a good look at your camera roll. Does it have more pictures of people? Or is it the wild life and the still life that catches your eye? Do your pictures possess the quality to be uploaded online to be used as stock photos? Are you willing and ready to give up all the rights to your photos? Though initially you might not get to earn enough money to quit your day job, eventually, with the right client base, you’ll be able to make quite a lot through stock photos too.

Kids’ sports photographer

Children can get very involved with their sports; so, it’s not uncommon if your locality hosts many sports events for children, quite regularly too. It’s not uncommon knowledge that parents in general like to have pictures of their kids; especially when they are in “action”. Ask your local kids teams if they don’t mind you photographing them (this is important as a suspicious parent or even coaches can report you and get you arrested). You can pass the word around (for the children and parents to check out your website later), and sell them their pictures in print if they want it.     

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