Tips on using your talents to earn a little extra cash to support your college life

If anyone told you that the years you spend in college are going to be the most memorable years of your young adult life; believe them. It’s the time you make friends for life, business partners and even discover yourself. However, if anyone ever tells you that college is supposed to be easy; don’t you believe them! All that self-discovery, all that drama and the sheer pressure of your education should be enough to drive you crazy. And unless you’re coming from heaps of wealth; money too can play a large part on putting pressure to your college life. If you’re a college student, and if you’re trying to earn a little extra cash; then why not do so with your talents? Here’s how you can do it…


If you’re good at teaching

Are you someone who is constantly asked for academic help, even if you’re not the smartest person in class? Do your friends understand your explanations better than the lecturer’s? Have you ever tutored before? If you’ve answered yes to the before mentioned questions, then you should try your hand at online tutoring. It’s for set hours, and a set amount; making it easier to fit around your unpredictable college hours.

If you’re good with photography

Most photographic jobs require resumes, time and good equipment. But jobs like stock photography, or photo editing hardly take a lot of time, and can be achieved with little effort. There are websites that pays you every time someone downloads your pictures for websites or even advertisements. The only downside is that you can no longer claim rights over it.

If you’re good at writing

Most college students are pretty brushed up with their language skills due to the constant writing; making their creativity much stronger during these years. If this describes you, and if your talents lie on writing, then opt to write eBooks. With the proper audience, you can even sell your fiction for a great price. If your forte is more in regards to poetry, then you can still sell your writing to greeting card companies and makers.

If you’re good at gaming

If anyone has ever told you that your gaming addiction can never bring money to the table; then here’s the time to prove them wrong! If you can level up and develop your (game’s) character faster than your friends, or even able to achieve certain levels that those around you can’t, then you can make money out of your skills. You can sell developed accounts or even develop existing accounts for a fee. You can work online for websites dedicated to this (for privacy reasons); or build a client base with the strength of the word of mouth…

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