Tips on using social media for improving your career in photography

If you take a moment to really think about it, social media has indeed evolved in leaps and bounds the last few years. Where there was but a few platforms available for us; now there are too many to keep count of! Where it was once used to simply connect with friends and reconnect old friends; it is now used for reasons never imagined before.

If you are someone who has many social media accounts in various platforms; then it’s a given that you’d wonder about how to use it to the advantage of your career. If your career is related to photography, then our 4 tips below should work out perfectly for you…!


Collect your audience

Your account in most social media platforms can be very easily transformed into your very own gallery. This works for poetry and art; but especially well for photography. By using the correct tags and submitting your work to the correct audiences, you can start making a name of your own. This is the very start and basic use of your social media accounts for your photography. At this stage, don’t forget to do a little “behind the scene” or “before and after” pictures to grab your audience’s attention.

Build your client base

Once you’ve got famous, once your pictures have a recognition of their own, it’s not hard to turn your audience into your client base. If you have a website already established, then link your social media account to your professional website or portfolio. Through your social media account, try to be more “approachable” by sharing a few private pictures once in a while, or even candid moments. The friendlier, fun, interesting and approachable you are, the more likely they’d want to visit your site to see what else you have to offer; and inevitably, get you sales.

Sell your product

If you don’t have a website already established; do not despair. Most famous photographers use their social media platforms (like Facebook or Instagram) to sell their photographs. Since it’s less complicated than running a website, a lot of people find this less hassling.  It’s also an additional benefit that most social media platforms urge users of smartphones to use notifications; something that instantly lets you know if you’ve been sent a message. This makes responding in the shortest time possible.

Connect and get your feedback

A good photographer is someone who is constantly perfecting his art; a person who should do better with feedback. Your social media platform is the perfect place for you to connect with your clients and get their feedback. Do they like your recent pictures? Do you do photography of people better than the photography of still life? What are their favorite genres in regards to your photography? All these questions can be very important when trying to improve your photographic skills.

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