Tips on how to use your photographers to make gifts special

We’ve been told time and time again that selecting gifts can get very complicated. And we agree. This is especially true when the gift receiver happens to be a particularly special person to the gift giver. If you have a talent at photography (or know of someone who can capture the photographs that you imagine), then it’s natural that you’d want to add your photos into your gift to make it extra special. Here are a few of our best suggestions as to how you can convert your photos into fun and meaningful gifts.


  • Mugs or notebooks – If you don’t want to waste your imagination, or need to find a gift in a very short period of time, then these are perfect for you. Mug printing is now available freely; some places only require a few minutes to get the job done. Make sure it’s a picture that is funny or memorable so they don’t tire looking at it. Add in a quirky quote, and it’s a winner!
  • T-shirts – This is a step up from the above mentioned. It also requires a little more time to print out; and your knowledge on their shirt size. As they are meant to be worn in public, we suggest you print something that the wearer wouldn’t mind outsiders seeing or reading. But this depends largely on the wearer.
  • Wall art photographs – If the gift receiver is someone you share a home with, or someone who you know well enough to know if they’d mind you doing a little redecorating; then wall art from your own photos can be a great gift. Here, you have the option between photos of your friend (and yourself) or photos of things that may interest them. Remember to think of the decoration of the rest of the house before you select a color theme.
  • A photo wall – A lot of us really want to print out our most memorable pictures; but we never take the time to do so. A photo wall can have various themes, or even one simple theme. The important thing to remember here is the likes and dislikes of the gift receiver. If you don’t have enough photos to fill up all the frames, even inspirational quotes (or snippets of conversations you’ve had in the past written down) can also be used.
  • A photo album – Most people tend to get a little shy around a professional photographer; especially if they are pregnant and feeling a little conscious about how they look. At moments like this, a photographer that they know and are comfortable with can come to great value. Offer to make your friend a pregnancy album. Make sure to capture a few unaware moments, so that you can surprise your friend, even with a gift they knew they were getting…

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